Auditions for our 2018/2019 Season

Are you interested in becoming a competitive dancer with Studio West? Have a look at our audition schedule below and email us any inquiries you may have!

Competitive Program

Our competitive program is an intensive training program aimed to train students in a safe environment, at a high level of dance. Throughout the year, students will be entered into regional competitions as well as one travel competition. Dancers are expected to commit to their competitive dance class schedule and all competitions. If a dancer is selected for a company, parents will be emailed a list of class requirements, if there are any. 


Auditioning can sound scary, but dancers need to accept that auditioning is a part of being a dancer and performer! Auditioning lets us teachers know where a child is at with their skill development. It also lets us see the growth that a child has had in a year! We at Studio West take pride at making auditioning fun! And not scary at all! All we want to see is each dancer try their best and have fun. Cause thats what it's all about! Each company dancer must audition each year. We welcome new dancers too!


How do placements work? We keep it very simple. For competitive dance, it is important that each child gets to dance with other children who have skills that are alike. This way we don't place a dancer who is too advanced or not advanced enough for a specific group. We can't have a dancer feeling like they are struggling, nor do we want a dancer to be bored and not challenged enough. After many years of all our staff being competitive dancers themselves as well as our studio having success as a competitive team, we are confident that we will place your child in the best group for their own success and safe development. Please understand that we may not have a company group that is a good fit for your child. However, if this is the case, we will happily place your child in a class where we can develop their skills more. Once decided, placements will be final. A great deal of time from our staff goes into carefully placing the kids where they individually will be the most su ccessful. We base our decisions on where the kids are at technically at the time of the audition. We also factor in their progress in class throughout the year, attendance, attitude and performance. We will also take another look at the dancers in September, after dancers have taken the summer dance intensive and drop in classes, to see if we need to make adjustments for the competitive dance season ahead. 

Audition Requirements

We will not require an audition fee this year. Please just show up to the appropriate day and time and allow your child time to sign in and receive a number to wear. 

The only audition you need to sign up for in advance is the Musical Theatre singing audition. Please send us an email! This allows us to put an order together of who sings when. We will email out an audition schedule closer to the date. Please see below for all specific audition requirements and details. 


*Please wear form-fitting dance wear, jazz shoes, ballet shoes or foot undies, and hair in a bun.

(Dancers who wish to be in a competitive Stage group, must participate in the Jazz audition and must commit to the jazz company class requirements in order to be selected for a stage group. Select Stage groups will be offered to Jazz company dancers.)

Audition Date: Tuesday, May 15th (*Changed!)

3:45-5:00 JUNIOR (Ages 8-10)

5:30-7:00 INTERMEDIATE (Ages 10-12)

7:30-9:00 SENIOR (Ages 13+)

Dancers will be tested on their jazz/ballet skills across the floor and their dance combination comprehension in either Jazz or Lyrical



*Please wear comfortable Clothing and Sneakers

Date: Thursday, May 24th @ Studio 1

3:45-5:00 JUNIOR (Ages 8-10)

5:30-7:00 INTERMEDIATE (Ages 10-12)

7:30-9:00 SENIOR (Ages 13+)

Dancers will be tested on their skill level and dance combination comprehension in hip hop



*Please wear form-fitting dance wear, bare feet, and hair in a bun. 

Date: Friday, May 25th @ Studio 3

3:30-4:15 Junior (Ages 8-10)

6:15-7:15 Advanced (Ages 11 +)

Dancers will be tested on their basic acrobatic skill comprehension

All acro dancers will also be required to have basic Jazz dance knowledge 



We are pleased to announce that we will be doing…. SHREK JR THE MUSICAL next year! 

We are looking for musical theatre performers to love to sing dance and play a character! 

All hopeful participants between the ages of 8-17 must sign up for our dance call audition as well as a singing time slot. The dance call will be a basic dance movement combo. The singing audition can be performed one at a time, or with a friend! Please have your child prepare 6-8 bars (a verse and chorus) of a song that they feel confident singing. Students can sing a cappella or with a backing track. Please come prepared with the track ready to play off your own electronic device. 

Speaking Roles - We will have sides from the script that we will send to all who wish to audition for speaking parts. You may sign up to read off the script with a friend during your singing audition. If there are certain kids who don't want a speaking role, that's fine! But All must attend the dance call and sing. 

Dance Call: Monday June 11th from 3:45-4:45 @ Studio 1

Singing Sign Up: Monday June 11th 5:00-9:00pm @ Studio 1



Our Musical Theatre Company is our competitive team in which we go to competitions with! Next year, we are looking to create an extra large group and production style number with Children ages 8-17… (That's as much info as I can I've at this time!!!) 

If your child wishes to Audition for this, please attend the dance call and sign up to sing on June 11th at the times listed above. Your child may specify whether they want to audition for one or both of our Musical Theatre options for next year! 



Tap will be by invite only. If your child would like to be a part of our competitive teams and they aren't a part of one now, please let us know and we will schedule you to come and see Miss Lacey on a Friday soon!