Respect the Studio

Please help to keep the studio a clean place!  Remind your child to tidy up after themselves in the bathroom as well as after class.  

At Studio 1 & 2, we have built custom benches with cubbyholes underneath for your child to use. We will also have a closet with cubbyholes, as well as hangers for coats. At Studio 3, put your belongings into one of the cubbyholes in the waiting room and bring your water bottle and dance shoes into the studio during class. 

We highly recommend you label your children's belongings... dance shoes, water bottles, SW clothing etc! We suggest Mabels Labels to help prevent losing dancewear and support our studio. Go to "Support a fundraiser and find Studio West Dance.

Food + Water

At each studio, students are allowed to use the fridge and microwave, as well as the water cooler to fill up their own water bottles. Please have your child bring a water bottle to class as we rarely have cups.

Drop-off + Pickup

Parents please try to drop off and pick up your children on time.

Parents with younger children: please come in to the studio to pick up your child. If you are going to be exceptionally late picking up your child, just give us a call. Thank you!

Parking is sometimes challenging. It helps if you drop off your child at least 10 minutes early for class (if possible). That way parents who are picking up can get in and out easier, and your child has more time to get ready to start class


Attendance, and being ready to start class on time, is very important to the success of your child's learning. Commitment is expected! We would appreciate a phone call or an email letting us know if your child will be missing a class. Three classes missed consecutively will result in a phone call home. Poor attendance among "company/competitive" students could lead to dismissal from the program at the director's discretion. 


We are very serious about keeping the studio a positive, healthy and safe place for our students. Bad attitudes will not be tolerated.

Bullying and gossiping equals poison at a dance studio. Dancers and parents, please no gossiping about teachers, other dancers and/or parents! The studio must stay a positive place, where everyone feels welcome and happy! If you have any concerns, please voice them to the office by phone or email. 

If a student is being disrespectful in class, the teacher will act immediately and the parent will be informed. Each teacher will lay out their own class expectations the first day so that it is clear to the students. We have a ZERO tolerance for bullying at Studio West and/or at any Studio West function including all competitions and performances! Incidents of this nature will be handled very seriously. We encourage the students to take pride in their studio, respect each other, try their best and have fun


Please mark on your calendars when we have holidays etc. Please remember that when your child has an instructional day off school, they most likely still HAVE their dance class.